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How does it work?

The OKUkulele courses are made by professional teachers who have experienced their methods in music schools with thousands of students. Every piece is created to give you the keys to understand the real way to make it sound like a pro. Your favorite songs will have no longer secrets for you.

Musical Recognition and AI Inside

Based on the AI and musical recognition technology, OKUkulele listens to you play and gives instant feedback on your accuracy and timing. Each plunking and strumming will be recognized. You don’t need additional equipment but your instruments such as a Guitar or an Ukulele!

Instant Feedback for Every Hits

With OKUkulele, you can learn and play the popular songs on your real instrument with clear and instant feedback as the app listens along.

Step by Step Video Tutorials

OKUkulele will take you through the popular songs and step-by-step tutorials help you focusing on micro parts of the song, make the easiest way to master your song!

Learn Like Playing Games

It makes your music learning much fun with rewarding gameplay and challenges. The addictive gameplay tracks your progress and keeps you motivated to practice and learn every day.


Great Features You'll Love.

In OKUkulele, we built a lot of great features, we believe each music lover deserves the best app that he/she needs.

Tablature included

Each lesson comes with a professional tablature handcrafted by our expert music teachers. Fully detailed, for those who need the best accuracy.

Backing Tracks included

Practice your song over a handcrafted backing track, playing like a game. Backing Track covering every other voices and instrument of the song.

Step by Step Courses included

Our courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals. Step-by-step lessons will help you master your songs easily by focusing on the micro parts of the song!

Reverse Chord Finder inside

Simply select two or more notes, the Reverse Chord Finder will show you the names and fingerings of all the matching chords. And more, you can add some specify chords into a Chord Group, so you can practice them separately.

Song Collection inside

The weekly updated song collection is hand-picked and teacher-crafted by OKUkulele and supports your learning curve, keeping you engaged and progressing through the course. By the end of the course, you will be able to play hundreds of awesome tunes!

Chord Library inside

OKUkulele gives you a complete, vast and comprehensive collection of chords, it shows all the possible positions of any chord throughout the fretboard, and ideal fingering suggestion for every chord, you can also tap any chord for an audio demonstration.

Hear What Our Users Say.

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    Brainsix Joined 2 weeks.

    I rediscovered my love for playing uke through this app. Before, I was in a rut from not knowing what to play or do when I sat down to practice. Since using okukulele however, I haven’t had this problem. It gives me plenty to work on every day, for as much as I want. Plus, with the love instance feedback and data it tracks, I’m able to see my progress(hope more analytics in future releases).

  • Author image
    Pablo Aldape Joined 1 months.

    The songs in okukulele are varied, unique, and provide great foundation for playing more advanced songs you actually care about. My absolute favorite feature is the practice mode. This app is well worth the money I paid for it. Stick with it, and you’ll get great returns on your investment (fun, uke skills, and anything else that comes from playing).Good job, OKUkulele!

  • Author image
    Sarah Bayer Joined 18 days.

    I have had my Ukulele for about 5 or so years and have been trying to advance my playing. As a beginner I feel the "instructional books" only got me so far before I lose interest. Plus, with the books, if I wasn't familiar with the tune, I didn't know how it was supposed to sound. With OKUkulele, I can hear every lesson, go at my own pace, slow the tempo down in practice until I'm ready for my test! I have surpassed everything I've learned in books, in 2 weeks. It's well worth the upgrade for "Premium Plan"!

  • Author image
    James63m Joined 6 days.

    This app has got me playing my ukulele again. Whether your just starting to play ukulele or your good enough to be the next Slash. This app is for all levels of playing, easy enough for a newbie and challenging to a pro.


Questions and Answers.

Frequently asked questions and answers, if your questions not listed below, please feel free to contact us via okukulele01(at)

What are the features for a Premium plan?

Some part of features: *All lessons(include Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) fully unlocked; *Available on all your devices; *Tabs & HD Backing Tracks included; * Fully access all song collections; *No limited for Chords Library and Reverse Chords Finder, etc.

Can I upgrade my account from Starter to Premium?

Yes, definitely! You can upgrade your account to premium at any time, and it's cancelable at any time, and additionally, you will get a few days (depending on the subscription plan) for a free trial when you successfully subscribed to the premium plan.

How long do I have for the free trial?

You can start a 3 days free trial for the monthly subscription plan, and get a 7 days free trial for the annual subscription plan. You can only have one chance to enjoy the free trial.

How can I update my user profile?

You can update your profile via tapping avatar on "Navigation Bar" on the bottom left of the screen, and then tap the "EDIT PROFILE" button, all Done! By the way, we're not collecting any private privacy profiles, it's totally unnecessary to upload your real profiles.

Why did OKUkulele not recognize the ukulele sound?

If the app can not showing feedback on your performance, you just need to allow OKUkulele to access your microphone and restart the app will make this work. Still not working? Kindly click here for further assist.

Why should I need an account to use OKUkulele?

OKUkulele uses your account to tracking and recording your learn and practice progress, so you can keep your learning, practicing and favorite songs data available on all your devices. All you need is sign up or simply connect with Facebook or Google.

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